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WHY LIMU?  In addition to the usual vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that you find in fruits and vegetables, LIMU ORIGINAL provides several other powerful nutrients including polyphenols, glyconutrients (fucose, galactose, mannose and xylose), alginate and Fucoidan. Research indicates it is the presence of Fucoidan that really differentiates LIMU ORIGINAL from other food supplements. It is important to note that Fucoidan is not found in land-based plants.
Fucoidan may sound like something new, but it’s been around for 3,000 years. Our friends within the South Pacific islands of Tonga have traditionally embraced the wellness advantages and excellent benefits of the unique marine bioactive inside a sea plant called LIMU Moui.

Tonga is the richest source of Fucoidan you’ll discover in this world. LIMU has always been a dietary and medicinal staple-widely viewed as being a vital source of longevity and good wellness. Together with the potency and effectiveness Fucoidan, LIMU Moui also has over 80 essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

Latest scientific exploration and popularity elevates Fucoidan as being a continuously highlighted and emerging Super-Nutrient. Along with the LIMU extract which is found in all LIMU products, you will able to live the full LIMU EXPERIENCE, no matter what your health and nutritional goals are.
FUCODIAN - A Gift From the Sea
Fucoidan, defined as the world’s 1st the “SuperNutrient“!!
Published in more than 900 independent, 3rd party studies from scientists all over the world dating back to 1970, Fucoidan has been highly documented in health journals across the globe. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Please research yourself at (US National Library of Medicine).

Researched for its pure nutritional content, Fucoidan focuses on anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant and other amazing benefits versus those of any other botanical.
So Why Drink LIMU? I can think of at least a 100 reasons why! (click on the pdf file) o Why Drink LIMU? I can think of at least a 100 reasons why! (click on the pdf file) >>>>>
The LIMU Business personifies the foundation of a consise offering of cutting edge health & wellness products with the highest grade of proprietary Fucoidan extract documented and backed by scientists and researchers. Ranging from slowing the aging process to weight loss control, LIMU is deemed as the foremost authority on Fucoidan’s large array of nutritional benefits. The bottom line is you simply won’t find anything like it in the world.


LIMU respects the earth’s greatest natural resource—the ocean. Constantly working with production manufacturers who work to reduce human impact, LIMU is committed to preservation and sustainability.

LIMU is partnered with reputable manufacturers who are held to the highest of industry standards set by the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and also required to maintain the highest of quality control as well. The LIMU Business facilities have ramped up production capabilities to gear up for LIMU’s international expansion.

Also, LIMU is always protecting and preserving its products, formulas, and extraction processes. With the LIMU Company’s proprietary 10-step Gold Standard manufacturing & production processes, LIMU guarantees that each product receives the premium level of quality extraction expected by the consumer.

Independent Clinical Research Findings (905 and growing) continue to shock the Scientific Community. 

I feel compiled to share Original LIMU with all of my family members, friends and even strangers because I continue to experience first-hand the incredible benefits of this life-changing SuperNutrient. In life, we need to step off the common path to make a real difference in life. Please take a look at these remarkable scientific findings on Original Limu’s key ingredient – Fucoidan.

LIMU Fucoidan Products are Superior - Check out the video